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The real terrorists

It’s interesting to see how America’s war on terror has thus far only progressed through Muslim nations. I do sincerely hope that Obama has a different vision to George Bush, however there’s something that’s just not right about Obama, time will tell.

This brings me on to terrorism. Who are the real terrorists? Did Afghanistan really pose a threat to this world? Did Iraq with their weapons of non-existence mass destruction pose a threat? In all honesty, not really. Yes their people were suffering thanks to idiots such as Saddam and the Taliban, but a threat to others, no. I think we all know that this was purely oil driven, especially in the case of Iraq. Afghanistan was just the scapegoat for 9/11. Harsh words I know, but I still have huge doubts as to who was responsible for 9/11.

Now, let’s for a moment take a look at Israel and their strongest allies, the United States of America. In combination, the amount of lives they have cost this world is far greater than 9/11. The amount of families divided, children killed, women killed is far greater. Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, children being massacred. This is surely the definition of terrorism?

Let’s look at a more recent article regarding America’s good friend Israel. Here we read that Arab inhabitants of East Jerusalem are being forced out of their homes by Israeli police in order to allow settlers to come in, injuring a child in the process. Just like that, a family has lost their home, what they have spent their livelihood building.

I will also quote the following from the article:

The most disturbing fact about Israel’s eviction programme is that when you look around East Jerusalem and the surrounding area there are considerable plots of land without homes. If they wanted to build new illegal settlements without kicking out Palestinians in the area they could do so. The targeting of Sheikh Jarrah and other areas is actually a process of racial purification, the transformation of East Jerusalem into a unified Jewish Jerusalem.

So, ethnic cleansing is the aim then, otherwise why not build your homes on lands that are not occupied by innocent families trying to earn an honest living? These people, the Arabs in East Jerusalem, are victims of terrorism, yet the world will stand by and let it happen. Mr Blair, the peace envoy, has a hotel that overlooks this area, and yet not a comment regarding these settlements will be mentioned. I do invite you to read the entire article and gain your own opinions. Again, let’s keep these people in our Duaas (Prayers) and thoughts.

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