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Video: BNP candidate Bob Bailey viciously attacks youth in street

by astiak on May 5, 2010

Hours ago, BNP’s Bob Bailey viciously attacked several kids in Barking today. The young lad should not have spat on Bailey. Watch as Bailey continues to beat the defenseless kid even after the kid falls to the ground.

A camera team caught the attack on video – you need to watch it and then share it with everyone you know.

Bailey and his thugs could be running Barking & Dagenham by this weekend.

Source: Hope Not Hate

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  1. Mark permalink

    ?! these guys threw fruit at Griffin earlier in the day and despite one’s political feelings against a person, and believe me, I don’t like him, you can’t just muscle up with your boyz and spit on someone without that same person kicking seven bells out of you back. I would and so would you.

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