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Protest – Benjamin Netanyahu visits London

Protestors outside 10 Downing Street

Protestors outside 10 Downing Street

Right wing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had come to London to meet Gordon Brown on Tuesday, 25 August. Stop the War Coalliation and Palestine Solidarity Campaign had called an emergency protest at Downing Street. For 12 hours notice, it was not a bad turn out at all.

Netanyahu is part of a government that believes it has the right to build settlements on the occupied West Bank. Palestinians are being evicted from their homes. Food and medical supplies are denied. Although after this meeting Brown claimed he was confident that further settlement building will halt, we all know this is not true. Netanyahu himself has said that people who are in these settlements already need to “expand”, what does that mean? More innocent people being forced out of their homes.

We all know the only way to end this is to pull out of the settlements all together, the Israeli government provided incentive for settlers to come into Palestine, they should now offer incentives for settlers to go back into Israel and give back the Palestinians what is rightfully theirs.

Netanyahu is the architect of the suffering experienced by the Palestinian people and the Arab residents of Israel. Do not forget that for a moment. This right wing prime minister will bring no good. Do you really think that he can go back to Israel and convince his right wing government that all settlements must stop? No chance.

(P.S. Apologies for the shoddy picture, my camera was in Brighton unfortunately.)

National Demonstration 16 May – Remember Gaza – Free Palestine! – Update

A protester waves the Palestinian flag

A protester waves the Palestinian flag

So, the demonstration went well today, was a peaceful demonstration. As always a wide variety of people at the demonstration. The march lasted approximately an hour starting at 12:30 and arriving at Trafalgar Square at 13:30, and I think received a lot of attention in a busy London day. Very important points made by the speakers today, regarding the continuing oppression in Palestine, Avigdor Lieberman’s visit, and the current situation in Sri Lanka. I’ve uploaded a few photos of the event, enjoy!

American Folk Singer, forgot his name! American Folk Singer Outspoken Sister from Gaza George Galloway showing his support for Palestine LowKey reciting the poem tears for laughter LowKey reciting the poem tears for laughter LowKey reciting the poem tears for laughter LowKey performing his poem, Tears to Laughter.

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National Demonstration 16 May – Remember Gaza – Free Palestine!

There is a national demonstration planned for Saturday 16th May, 2009. I will almost certainly be attending. I often get asked, why demonstrate? Then I get told it makes no difference whether you demonstrate or not. That is quite wrong in my opinion. Protests can offer a sense of clarity on an issue that was previously not so clear. Demonstrations attract media attention, it allows the opinions of like minded people to be expressed indirectly in the media. Repeated attention in the media about the crimes occurring in Palestine will bring in more supporters to our cause, with enough people the government will have no option but to intervene and make comments in order to retain public confidence.

So, with my reasons justified, on to the details of the demonstration:

Assembling 12noon in Malet Street WC1 London, Followed by Rally in Trafalgar Square. The map is shown below:

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To commemorate the Palestinian 1948 Nakba

Lowkey MC, Mecca 2 Medina, Jeremy Hardy and more will join speakers from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, along with Jeremy Corbyn MP, Martin Linton MP, George Galloway MP, Daud Abdullah – Deputy Gen Sec Muslim Council of Britain, Jean Lambert MEP, Jenny Tonge MEP, Manuel Hassassian – Palestinian General Delegate to the UK and speakers from PSC, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, CND, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Viva Palestina, Jews for Justice for Palestine, Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and others

Called by: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Palestinian Forum in Britain and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Supported by:

Action Palestine, Amos Trust, Arab Media Watch, Arab Women’s Association, Association of Palestinian Communities UK, Britain-Palestine Twinning Network, The Council for Arab-British Understanding, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Christian Peacemaker Teams UK, Fire Brigades Union, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Friends of Lebanon, Friends of Birzeit University, Friends of Sabeel UK, The Green Party, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Labour Friends of Palestine, Liberation, Midlands Palestinian Community Association, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Council for Britain, NUS Black Students Campaign, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Respect, Pax Christi, Public and Commercial Services Union, Rail Maritime and Transport Union, UNISON, UNITE, Viva Palestina, War on Want, Zaytoun Ltd.

Download the leaflet here.

Leaflets are also available from the PSC office – please save the date and start organising transport now!

Details of coaches here!

They are looking for plenty of volunteers on the day, please contact us if you can help!

Please contact the PSC office for more information:

Tel:   020 7700 6192