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Venezuela and Palestine establish diplomatic ties

The Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolas Maduro and his Palestinian counterpart Riyad Al-Maliki signed agreements formally creating diplomatic ties on Monday in Caracas. This comes as tension between Israel and Venezuela grows. A palestinian embassy was also inaugerated in Caracas.

“The people of Palestine can count on our eternal and permanent solidarity with their just and humane cause”
Nicolas Maduro
Venezuelan Foreign Minister

The Israeli massacre of Palestinians left over 1,300 dead, prompting Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader, to cut off ties with Israel.

Caracas expelled Israeli diplomats in January as protest against the Gaza offensive. Israel responded by dismissing Venezuelan envoys. There are plans for 10 more embassies in Latin America as stated by Al-Maliki.

This is good news for Palestine in establishing more international support as well as establishing themselves as a state that is here to stay.